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Thank you for coming here! The Anfra.io website is still under construction as I am focusing on the infrastructure that does the real work instead of a fancy webpage that just tells you what you want to hear!

In the mean time, you can take a look around on this personal website that I have been managing for the past 19 years, and see the different projects I've been developing with very high reliability for so long.

My style is about resilience, security and reliability. I hate bullshit.

I'm a full stack engineer, I've developed softwares used by millions of people (like some very famous and successful World of Warcraft add-ons).

I'm currently developing a high availability software to monitor and manage a Cardano block producing node and its relays fully automatically which will guarantee maximum uptime.

This software is being written in Scala and Akka's typed actor model in functional programming style and will be deployed as an Akka-cluster application capable to move the block producing node on a different server automatically.

I've started working on this software from scratch only four months ago and like all things well done, it took more time than expected but it's coming along very well.

As of now the nodes are being managed and automatically restarted (but cannot be moved around servers yet), the basis is already solid but many things remain to be done for ANFRA to become fully antifragile. So that's why you didn't land on a 3.0 web page with bells and whistles but don't worry, this will come once the most important parts are complete!

A few miscellaneous important things :

AnFra's first block

I want to express my thanks to the anonymous delegators who put their faith in AnFra! Your support and patience means a lot to me!

POOL ID: 007824d2d830f7c4e80854e7c2e21ebc94dd5b314b8543ffc3fe5382

Have a nice day,


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