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To view this site the best way possible you have to set your monitor correctly:
- Set The contrast to maximum.
- Lower the light (or black level) until you cannot read the text at the bottom of this page.
- You must set color depth at least to 24 bits.
- The resolution of your screen shoud be 1024*768 pixels.

To have the best color adjustment make sure that your monitor is set according to the sRGB standard.

Then your browser must use the stylesheet provided, else the whole site will be awful.

The page's titles use a particular font : "Bauhaus 93" (True Type Font). If you don't have this font you can download it below.

You can download this font in 2 ways, the .exe version and the .zip one.
The .exe file once executed places automatically the file BAUHS93.TTF into the %WINDIR%\Fonts directory.
The .zip file just contains the BAUHS93.TTF file.

If you are using Windows, once you've executed bauhas93.exe open the Control Panel then open Fonts then click on the File menu and select "Install a new font". Once the lists of fonts displayed select the Bauhaus 93 entry and finally click "Install".

Your monitor isn't set properly else you couldn't read this!

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