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WoW Add-Ons Auto-Installer for Windows

WoW Add-Ons Auto-Installer release 1.33

WoW Add-Ons Auto-Installer 1.33 (.rar) - Download
RAR archive size: 10,491 bytes
Release date:Sunday 12 August 2007 17:27:28 CEST


WoW Add-Ons Auto-Installer release 1.31

WoW Add-Ons Auto-Installer 1.31 (.rar) -
Release date:Sunday 19 November 2006 01:47:51 CET

WoW Add-Ons Auto-Installer release 1.3

WoW Add-Ons Auto-Installer 1.3 (.rar) -
Release date:Saturday 24 June 2006 07:50:25 CEST

World of Warcraft Add-Ons Auto-Installer is a 32-bit Windows executable.
This program is able to read World of Warcraft installation path from the Windows registry and automatically install one or severals (up to 2000) add-ons.

This is very useful to distribute add-ons to players who know nothing about computers...

When you execute the program it will:

If any of the above steps fails, the installation is aborted.

So a typical package contains the following files and folders (taking "Decursive" as an example):

- WoWaddInst.exe (File)
- Readme.txt (File)
- Addons (Directory)
|- Decursive (Directory)
|- (anything, files and folders etc...)

Now the best way to make a stand alone .exe package is to use WinRAR to make a Self Extracting (SFX) archive.
Put the following in the comment area of the archive, it will be used as parameters by the sfx modules :

-------------code to put in the comment -------------- (don't include this line) ;The comment below contains SFX script commands Setup=WoWaddInst.exe TempMode Silent=1 Overwrite=1 Title=ArchaPack -------------code to put in the comment -------------- (don't include this line)

(it may be interesting to compress the SFX module with UPX before)

You can find an example of such a package by downloading the auto-installing version of Decursive.

I've made this program for a friend who had troubles installing WoW add-ons. I release it because I think it can be useful to others as well.

This program is written in C and compiled with MingW and uses Windows API functions.


WoW Add-Ons Auto-Installer

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