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2072productions.com Privacy Policy (WIP)


(This privacy policy is a work in progress)

(This page aims to inform our visitors on how their information is managed and provides means to protect their privacy on the Internet at large)

Cookies and tracking:

As 99.99% of internet websites, 2072productions.com uses cookies to function and get useful usage statistics.

Additionally, 2072productions.com uses Google Analytics which uses its own cookies, see Google's privacy policy to see how these data are stored and used by Google. Google provides a way for visitors to prevent their data from being used by Google Analytics

2072productions.com's internal tracking system doesn't share or export user data in any way.

There is currently no option on the website to opt-out of these tracking systems.

No option on any website will protect you from tracking. The best way to not be tracked is to take the matter into your own hands by learning how to configure your web browser's cookies handling and by installing privacy oriented web browsers extensions.

Recommended browser extensions and tools:

To take control over your privacy on the internet you should be using browser extensions and tools such as these:

Personal information

The following personal information are automatically gathered during your use of the website:

You can contact the webmaster through the contact page or directly by email (webmaster AT 2072productions DOT com) for any request pertaining to these information.

2072productions.com does not exploit or use any of your personal information in unexpected ways.

Security measures in place

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