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TimeCode-MagiKs Privacy Policy

TimeCode-MagiKs doesn't use any of your data outside of its expected functions and no user data is stored nor logged.

Although TimeCode-MagiKs does not play with your data it does require your authorization to use certain Google's API scopes:

TimeCode-MagiKs adds custom functions to Google's spread sheets and allows you to import EDLs and export them. It therefore requires access to the spreadsheets it has been installed in. Note that it only access these spreadsheets whenever you interact with them or when Google "refreshes" your spreadsheets to recompute the custom functions returned values. None of your data is exfiltrated to another website or company. TimeCode-MagiKs just transforms the data you provide it on Google's servers without storing it in any way.

This scope is required to display UI dialog requesting your input. Such as the Import/Export EDL user interface dialogue and the "see usage example" menu item.

TimeCode-MagiKs is open source, the complete source code is available on Github.com: https://github.com/2072/TimeCode-MagiKs

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