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A free Google Sheets add-on

Available in the Chrome Web Store

Use time codes, frame numbers or EDLs in spreadsheets and apply operations onto them (frame conversion, offsets, match back, etc...).

Work with time codes and frame numbers with all the advantages offered by spreadsheets.

This add-on allows you to do many conversion tasks pertaining to timecodes such as:

NOTE: Only integer frame rates are supported.

Below you can find an embedded spreadsheet with usage instructions. You can also access to the TimeCode-MagiKs' spreadsheet using your Google account and make a copy to play with the various available examples.

Go to the Chrome Web Store to install this add-on in your Google account. This add-on respects your data and doesn't ex-filtrate it. You can check TimeCode-MagiKs Privacy Policy and TimeCode-MagiKs Terms and conditions for more details.

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