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TOUCHE is a multifunctional program to upload in your AFX or GRAPH 100 like an
"add-in" function, to upload it you need one of these programs : Flash Editor by Leadfiner, FlashCOM by Libthium or CASIO add-in installer (refer to the Link page).

TOUCHE is divided in three programs:
- TOUCHE2.EXE, the main program, contains the "hardware" utility:

- Info on the keyboard, bioskey scancode and multi-key press info.
- ASCII table info.
- TIME and DATE view / set and date calculs.
- Memory editor: allows you to view the whole RAM of your AFX / G100, to search and replace string and numbers in it.
- View / write the matrerials ports.
- Info on the dos text screen.
- A little racing game with highscores.
- Some mathematics forms (you can add your own from your computer).
- Graphic tests (test the speed of the calc displaying pixel in many different ways).
A little fractal is available and little "screen saver".
- A utility to switch between the different video buffers (brows the memory).
- A utility to view info on the BASIC programs: you can see and set the password, compute a CRC 32 on the content.
- General Help on the key to use in the different applications.
- An optional invisible password can be used at start (can only be set from your computer).

- T_EXPLOR.EXE, is a file explorer (can be launched from TOUCHE2.EXE)
It searches for files in the root of the drive L to Q (by default).
- It gives you information on each files: size, attributes, date and times, CRC 32.
- You can view the file as text, memory video format or 128 * 64 BMP format.
- And of course you can execute them.
- You may only use the keys to launch a program (more fast).
- You can choose the type of file you want to see (*.exe by default) using wildcards characters.
- Choose the drive to search in.

- MATHS_AP.EXE, is a math utility program (can be launched from TOUCHE2.EXE):
- Prime factor decomposition.
- Search of all the divisors of a number using the prime factor decomposition.
- A base converter utility: you specify the input base (2 ~ 36) and the output base (2 ~ as far as it can),
there is an error control (possible loss of precision).
- A PGCD & PPCM application with detailed calculations.
- Euclid's division.
( MATHS_AP.EXE doesn't work on a ROM 1.01)

Go on this web site to download the programs Flash Editor, FlashCOM and to have more flash application and links to other web sites.


To have more information about TOUCHE, plese read the TOUCHE Readme.txt file.

TOUCHE release 4.00 Beta 1

TOUCHE 4.00 Beta 1 - Download
SFX RAR archive size: 198,406 bytes
Release date:Wednesday 02 July 2003 23:53:08 CEST

********* What's new in 4.0 BETA 1 *********

update: this version has no known bug since its release, you can download it.

- The command line menu entry has been removed, it was useless.

- Now you can manage every type of memory zone, you can:
- list them (basic programs, etc...).
- create, delete (pressing [DEL]), rename, resize, copy, move a zone.
- Display information on a file/zone, such as: Size, password (if basic files), memory addresses, CRC 32.
- You can jump to the memory viewer (pressing [6]), the memory viewer is automaticly placed to the zone address.
- Change password of basic files.
- Load all basic file from the flash memory to the RAM.
- Save all basic files to flash (Whole basic files size must be < 128000 bytes).

- Menus are faster and when you are at the top pressing [up] again leads you to the last entry etc...

- The hisghscore file of Formula 1 is created in the zone 12.

- The memory ops menu entry has been completely changed:
- Address selection is easier (it uses the memory viewer).
- Now you can write to the flash, Touche propose it autaumaticaly if you try to write after 0x5FFF:0xF:
- Touche asks you on which segment (or drive letter) you want to map at the address you're going to write to.
- Touche veryfies if your query isn't stupid and supposrts writting among several segments.
- Before writting TOUCHE veryfies if it's possible (if it doesn't require a format of the flash segment),
TOUCHE won't format the segment by itself.
- An Error control is present, also TOUCHE won't try to write if batteries ar low.
- TOUCHE protectes its existences: You cannot write on the drive where TOUCHE is installed, neither on 0x4000:0x0 till 0x5FFF:0xF. You cannot write in TOUCHE's RAM area either.
- When you are searching in the memory TOUCHES cannot find itself anymore.
- Code improvements => faster plus correction of possible bugs.
- Now the search and memory viewer stops at 0xFFFF:0xF
- You can compute CRC 32 betwwen 2 addresses.

- In Date and Time all bits are used to store the date.

- New menu entry "5: Flash Utils", you can:
- Erase a flash drive (L to Q except the drive where TOUCHE is installed).
- Erase a segment (0 to 18 except segments that are part of TOUCHE's drive).
- See which flash drive are used and by what type of data (ROM-DOS or CASIO).
- Map a flash drive or segment to a RAM address (>=0x6000:0x0), example map the drive L to 0x6000:0 till 0x7FFF:0xF.

- In the Misc Info menu entry are now displayed:
- The Batteries 'state.
- DS segment's address.
- Free memoy available for TOUCHE.
- Free memory available for user (for basic files etc...).
- Your ROM version.
- The "Auto Power off" time that you can also change from here.

- In the Ports read/write menu entry, the display is more realistic.

- In Graphic tests: most of the tests available in previous versions have been removed.

- Everywhere:
- When you enter a number anywhere in TOUCHE, you can switch between decimal and hexadecimal number pressing [ALPHA].

And a lot of little details I forgot...

That's all folks!

TOUCHE release 3.80

TOUCHE 3.80 -
Release date:Monday 01 July 2002 18:29:09 CEST

****What's new in 3.8 *********

- In "ASCII value" when using the F2 key some characters were un-available.

- In the explorer, when specifying a search pattern (using F2) some strange behaviours could happen if the pattern exceed 5 characters.

- Some other fixes.

- In "Date and Time" and in "Formula1" the calculator power consumption has been reduced by introducing hlt asm instructions in a special delay function that is also used for cursor displaying.

- In the explorer, after to have entered searching directives that don't match you were prompt for new orders but if you do not enter matching patterns then it ask again till you enter something it could find, it was ambiguous for some users. Now if you press severals times the [ESC] key it search for default settings without annoying you anymore.

- When entering a string or a number, a blinking cursor has been added and inform you in which mode you are
(Upper-case ; lower-case ; number).

- Only when entering a string, now you can eddit what you are typing: you can use left and right arrow to move the cursor to insert or replace characters.
To switch between insert or replace mode: use the [Up] key (on the calc the insert key is the same than the del one...).
By default it's in insert mode.

- In "Date and Time", I have rebuild a whole date computing function.
--> The RTC date is saved on port 0x20 and 0x21 has the number of days passed since the 01/01/2000.
The display has been rebuild.

Now you have access to a perpetual "calendar" (pressing [I]) that can give you detailed information on a particular date between 01/01/1585 (invention date of our calendar) and 12/31/11760803 (end date of the 32bits world).
So by entering any date you can know on which day of the week it has/will fell, see below an exemple of what can be displayed :

--------------------- *
07-July/26/27812 *
is on a Sunday *
9580152 D. -> 1583 * //9580152 passed since 01/01/1583.
Day in year: 208 *
Week number: 30 *
It's a leap year *
F1: enter a date *

TOUCHE release 3.70

TOUCHE 3.70 -
Release date:Sunday 03 March 2002 09:12:50 CET

****What's new in TOUCHE 3.7 *********
- When a string was entered, a crash could happen if using special character after the maximum length of the string is reached.
- When the file T_TEXT.DAT wasn't found, you were unable to enter an absolute path.
- In Command line: it has been disabled on the calc, to re-enable it you have to edit the string 91 of the data text file (a comment is present near it). The reason is that the system() c function was unable to correctly free the memory after the message "Not enough memory" displayed and so when you executed the explorer or the math apps it could crash!

- Still in command line, a little bug that can, of course, only happen on your PC made the last command entered repeated when you pressed ESCAPE.

- Improvements:
- The code of the "TOUCHE" main menu entry has been improved.

- In ASCII value, the problematical ASCII values 7, 8, 9, 10 and 13 are no longer displayed (replaced by "N/A").

- In date and time, you have now the choice between two clocks: PC based one and special real clock AFX ports based one witch work perfectly in a real second mode; note that this clock is very accurate.
And the day of the week is displayed too!

- In Formula 1, the key handling has been improved, now the key react directly, there is no more delay, you can press a key continuously (left or right) and the cursor will move when possible.
This has really improved the game play!
The start conditions have changed into a more interesting configuration.
And if you changed road width or speed during game, the score is reset to zero.

- In memory ops, when replacing a string: you can enter a string longer than the searched one (at your own risks).
A cursor mode has been added. The scrolling is also faster than before.

- In "Ports read/write", the values displayed are now constantly updated.

- Miscellaneous graphic routines have been improved, increasing the program speed.

- In graphic tests, the internal tests routines have been improved; the tests are now more realistic.

- In Basic program info: quotes have been added to the password and the name of the basic programs.

- A lot of comments have been moved from the file T_TEXT.DAT to the file T_TEXT.DAT_Readme.txt to decrease the size of T_TEXT.DAT

- The file Maths_ap.exe is now UPXed to make TOUCHE fit in one drive.

- The program PREPARE TEXT has been really inproved (it's now the version 2.0):
- It is able to automatically add numbers in front of each string without deleting any comment (except the one placed between the last return char and the next @ symbol of the next string).
- It does a CRC check to know if the file have changed and if it has to be updated.
- If the binary data at beginning of the file are dammaged, it will repair it without any problem since it will seek for the signature "-~2072~-" in the whole file if the binary data are corrupted.
- A quiet mode is available (the program won't print anything on the screen), just add "q" (without quotes)
in second argument (the data file is the first argument) ; a verbose mode is also available for debugging ("v").
- A backup file is done containing the whole file except the binary data, this file has the same name than the data file but with the extension ".bak".

- In "Graphic tests" :
- Added the last discovery of whyp about the screen configuration of the calculator :
You can test it filling screen pixel by pixel, filling screen by horizontal lines.
- Added a new litle "screen saver", it is called "Beautiful lines1", there is severals key you can use once in it:
- [F1] : pause after the screen is filled.
- [F2] : Redraw the same thing once finished.
- [L] : Loop mode, the program will never stop.
- [<-][->] : Decrease or increase the gab between each lines.
- [UP][DOWN]: Decrease or increase speed.

- In "Date and time" :
As I said, you've got the choice between the gettime() C function based clock (the same that in the previous versions of TOUCHE) and the one based on the ports 0x1D through 0x21 witch is accurate (the second is really a second), you can switch between real and hold clock pressing [F3].
NOTE that you have to set the date and time the first time you'll try the real clock (just pressing 3 in TOUCHE's main menu), once you did it, the date and time will always be accurate even if you turn off your calculator !
The hold mode can be used to guess the day of the week on a particular date !

- In "Memory ops" :
- I have implemented a cursor mode, you can switch it pressing [C] viewing the memory, this cursor allows you to move and to see the current address and its value. For now, you cannot directly edit the memory with it.
This cursor can be used writting a string in the memory, when you have to choose the location where to write,
you can toggle the cursor mode and put it on the character where you want to begin to write and press [EXE].

- You can seek for unsigned long values (32bits).
- When the prog is searching for a particular value it displays it as a number and no longer as a string.
- The whole code of "Memory ops" had been redone, and it's faster.
- When entering an address, the maximum values for segment and offset is 0xFFFF.
- when the segment is higer than 0xFFFF, the offset can exceed 0xF and increase till 0xFFFF ; NOTE that on the calculator it has no mean since there isn't so much memory available,
but on the computer it makes a difference !

- In "Maths Utils":
- In the base converter, you are now able to choose to keep the same parameters.

- The file TOUCHE.CFX now contains all the files and can be used with CASIO Add-in Installer.

Special thanks to Ronan Kerdudou, who told me about the clock available through the ports (I didn't know).

TOUCHE release 3.50

TOUCHE 3.50 -
Release date:Wednesday 23 January 2002 22:04:20 CET

****What's new in 3.5 *********
- When no file was found the program returned "Not enough memory" and exit, now the program proposes you to change the drive to scan and the file to search.

- The asked basic file size for the high score was wrong (it was still 24 bytes short) but now it must be 161 bytes. So because of this the high score file was damage the next run of TOUCHE.
- If a file was called FORMULA it was identified to FORMULA1, it's now corrected.

- In TOUCHE, now when T_EXPLOR.EXE or MATHS_AP.EXE are not present, TOUCHE just warn that it failed to execute the program and return to the main menu.

- Some other fixes.

- In the first menu entry ("Touche"), now you can have information on multiple key handling, through the port 0x13.
And have information about the data read at the absolute memory addresses 0x4ac 0x4ad 0x4ae 0x4af.

For the port thing, it provides the different values read to the port 0x13 and the values that have been written to the port before read it, the values are written both in hexadecimal and binary (useful to know the row and column of the keys).

The info on ASCII value and bioskey value are still given.

Note that all these info are written in one single screen, below is what you can see on the screen of your calc if you push [X]:

*You Pressed 'A' (65)*
*Key scancode (7745)*
*Casio Key: [X]*
*4A-c -d -e -f *
* 40 00 40 1e *
*Global = 1E400040 *
*P-13h: 40 |rows=0000 *
*01000000 00001000000 *

You have to push two times the key [ESC] to return to the main menu.

- In "G: Basic program info":
- The same bug correction than in FORMULA1, the eighth character of the name was ignored.
- Now you can have the CRC 32 (the same than the one given by Pkzip) of the content of the fle,
the name of the prog, password and different size area are not taken in account.

- In "D: Graphic tests" :
- The discovery of Whyp about the direct asm command to write something in the memory has been added in the graphic tests (fill inline fill and invert pixel).

- In Formula 1 :
- The basic file now begins with a Stop basic command followed by a NULL character to avoid problems if never the basic file is executed.
- The high score file is protected with a CRC 32 to avoid the file to be modified and to avoid crash if the file is damaged.

- You are now able to compute the CRC 32 of any file presents in the drives of the calculator, this CRC can be USED to verify if the file is OK and haven't been damaged during transfer or simply to know if two files are identical. This CRC is computed in the same way that for the basic file (it's the same than the one given by Pkzip).

To compute the CRC of a file just push [F3] when you're on the file in the list and push [C].

A liitle program called CRC_32.EXE is provided to compute CRCs on your computer.

Well maybe a bad news for you, the entire program is no longer in open SOURCE. Sorry.

TOUCHE release 3.45

TOUCHE 3.45 (Sources included) -
Release date:Saturday 01 December 2001 02:29:54 CET

****What's new in 3.45 ********

- Bugs appeared in 3.4:


- When viewing the content of a file and pressing F2 to go to a specific location the screen was not set to the good buffer and you were unable to view anything.
- When viewing info on the file, the key to press to execute the file wasn't F2 like indicated but F1.

- In Basic program info:
You can set or change the password of any program.

- The game Formula 1 have been improved:
- A growing difficulty: speed and road width change.
- The score is counted following the speed and the road width.
- A High Score file with 8 names recorded in the basic file "FORMULA1" with a password or not, its size must be at list 130 bytes. When the autopilot is on press [H] to see the HISCORES.

- An optional invisible password at start of TOUCHE

This password can only be set from your computer editing the string 312 of the file T_TEXT.dat; if this string is empty TOUCHE will start normally without asking anything. But if this string contains characters (these letters can only be key that you can enter directly from your keyboard [0-9, A-L, ...]) at start TOUCHE will not display anything (letting the screen in is current state). It will wait for the characters contained in the string 312. So at this state the user doesn't know that he is confronted to a password. If the keys are pressed in the right order the program will run normally. But else the program will quit immediately letting the last key pressed in the buffer; so if TOUCHE was executed from the main menu the first key that will be wrong will execute the associated application.

WARNING: If you edit T_text.dat DO NOT forget to run PREPTXT.bat else TOUCHE may not run correctly.

TOUCHE release 3.40

TOUCHE 3.40 (Sources included) -
Release date:Saturday 03 November 2001 00:32:14 CET

****What's new in 3.4 ********
-Bugs appeared in 3.36 version:
- In formularies when you pressed the [F2] key nothing was displayed.
- In formularies when you pressed [ESC] in a sheet some text wasn't cleared.
- In the explorer when you pressed a key other than [EXE] or [F6] to execute a program nothing was displayed.

- Hold bug:
- In the explorer when viewing the content of a file which size was less than 147 bytes you was still able to move down.

- In the Explorer:
You can now display .BMP file or view file in the strange Casio video memory format pressing [F3] on a file and then [F3](pic) or [F4](bmp). You can move in the file using the arrow key and you can view the current address or/and go to a special address pressing [F2].

- "F: Memory pictures"
This allows you to browse the memory for pictures in the g100 video memory format use arrow keys to move (see "E: General Help" for more info) at any moment you can press [F1] to view the current memory address and value who are written to port 5, 6 and 7.

- "G: Basic program info"
Here you can type the name of a basic program obtain information on it:
- The password.
- The size.
- The memory address of the first letter of the name.
- The memory address of the first character of the content.

- In "General Help"
- 2 new help screens about "ports read/write" and "Memory pictures".

TOUCHE release 3.36

TOUCHE 3.36 (Sources included) -
Release date:Saturday 27 October 2001 05:34:04 CEST

****What's new in 3.36********
- In all the menu and in T_EXPLOR:
Now you can press [F6] instead of [EXE] to enter in the highlighted entry.
I have implemented double video buffer, so the screen don't blink any more when scrolling.

- In all the menu:
When you come back from a menu the cursor is set to the last position.

- In math apps:
In base ([F2]) app, you can enter the base of the inputed number, this input base can be 2 until 36.

- In General Help:
I added a new page for the keys in the menu.
- In Ports read/write After to have written a value on a port you can increase or decrease it using the right or the left arrow.

TOUCHE release 3.35

TOUCHE 3.35 (Sources included) -
Release date:Sunday 11 November 2001 13:54:02 CET

****What's new in 3.35********

- In the whole program (and in explorer too):
Now there is an inverse video cursor in ALL the menu of TOUCHE so you can select a line and push [EXE] to enter in the selected entry.
You still can use the key (1, 2, ... Z) to access directly to an entry.
The [OPTN] and [^] key move the menu of one line without move the inverse video cursor.

- A VERY HOLD AND ANNOYING problem has been corrected:
When in menus, in the explorer or browsing the memory, when holding an arrow key some times unexpected actions were executed (like if you push another key). It has been definitely fixed (I discovered the address of the key buffer).

- In the explorer:
- Presence of an inverse video cursor, (hold keys can still be used).
- when on a file, you can now press [F3] to view and have information on the file content.
(The explorer list works like the menu).

- In formularies:
- In the file T_Text.dat: the menu of the Formularies is no longer at 13 but at 0, and the forms position info is no longer at 295 but at 1.
- When browsing the forms: you can use [Left] and [Right] to go to the first or last sheet.
- bug fixed: when you select a form press [ESC] and reselect the same form the screen was blank.
- Display of the current position at the bottom left of the screen has been arranged (just necessary space is used)
- The number entered pressing [F2] will return if the max length of the number is richen.

- In Memory ops:
In all TOUCHE, the kbhit() (test if there is a key in the buffer) C function was very slow and slowed down the search in the memory, I replaced it by directly access the memory to see if a key were in the buffer.
--> The search speed is at least 10 times much faster.

idem in the math apps where kbhit() was used.
idem in Graphics test: the Fractal is drawn at least 100 times much faster.

- New entry in the main menu:
"E: General Help"
There you can have miscellaneous info on the key to use.

- In Formula 1:
This game should always work properly now.

TOUCHE release 3.30

TOUCHE 3.30 (Sources included) -
Release date:Sunday 11 November 2001 13:55:04 CET

****What's new in 3.30? ********

- The look of the program has been arranged (use of inverse video)

- In "Graphic tests":
- The source code has been arranged (no more goto).
- The menu has been rebuild.
- Three new tests: fill or invert the screen word by word
(16bit by 16bit); fill the screen by random pixel (Press
[ESC] to exit the test but it only check keys every 64 pixel so at the end of the test you can have to wait a little).

- In "Formularies":
- Two new mathematics formula forms: Constants and Trigonometry.
- The number of the current page is displayed in the bottom left of the screen with arrows in inverse video.
- You can press [F2] to go to a selected page.
- The ^2 were not displayed -> corrected.
- French accents added.

===> Now you can add your own forms editing the file T_TEXT.DAT:
You have to edit the menu witch is displayed (string 13)
and the string 295 where are written the start and end position of each form. After that you have to execute PREPTXT.bat to update the file T_TEXT.dat and make it readable by TOUCHE.

->There are explanations on how to proceed near these strings in the file.

You don't have to rebuild the program.

Be careful editing this file, for speed purpose there is no protection, so the mistakes you do may make crash the program. (Try it on your computer before upload it to the calculator).

- I have include the file TOUCHE.cdr which can be used with FlashCOM to install TOUCHE in your calculator.

NOTE: this program is 100% free bug so if it doesn't work, that is not normal and you should contact me at 2072 AT 2072productions DOT com


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